Emerging from her former pop artist guises as Allie Hughes and ALX, the Canadian electro-pop starlet now known as ALLIE X has over the past couple of days ignited the internet with her dreamily perfect notice me track “Catch”.

Notice it we have, as a tip coming from them folks at Neon Gold is practically as good as flicking through the pages of a tastemakers bible, they are so on it with the hot tips.

A change of direction for ALLIE X, whose previous musical background in the first instance had been directed via an eclectic route before crossing over to synth pop as a member of 4 piece band ALX.

Returning to solo artistry ALLIE X now exudes all the electro hot action for herself as she unleashes the scintillatingly incandescent buzz track “Catch”.

Carried by a flourishing flow of unimpeachable hooks, that glide and interlink with a shiny synth pop hue whilst, circled around ALLIE X’s honeyed sweet vocals,“Catch” also throbs a darkened heart when focused upon the lyrics.

All culminated together and wrapped in it’s glittery sheen of woven pop gold, “Catch” signifies the re-birth and the blossoming of a stand-out new talent .

Your ears deserve a treat, so hook up with a pop marvellous FREE DOWNLOAD of “CatchHERE.