Remember Sigrid? It has been two years since the Norwegian singer gave us the debut album “Sucker Punch” which featured mega-hits “Strangers” and “Don’t Kill My Vibe.” Taking a break from the limelight, you might expect there would be some building on the signature Sigrid sound going on behind the scenes. And after servicing us with huge pop anthems previously, it feels like it’s time to begin exploring a new direction. Just out, premiered as Hottest Record in the World with Annie Mac, “Mirror” gives us a taste of Sigrid through a disco-ball shaped lens of lush dance-pop, no less.

I’ve got to admit I was taken aback a little yet at the same time delighted at how disco-pop leaning little miss Nordic pop star has become. If “Mirror” sets the trend for what else is to come from her, Sigrid has undergone some serious stylizing transformations. Although the track has incredible energy, in comparison the lyrics discuss feelings of emptiness and learning to regain confidence. Yes, she’s talking about breakups but also seeing the situation as a way of grabbing the opportunity to reinvent ourselves. We are lead to presume she is telling us straight and “Mirror” reflects some of what may have been going on in her real life.

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Sigrid is treating us, we have a music video for the track as well. A collaboration with director Femke Huurdeman. Truth is, it is exactly the kind of visual and vibe I’d expect of another Norwegian pop artist – Dagny. In the clip, Sigrid allows us a little glimpse of vulnerable Sigrid but mostly gives way to dressing herself up to the nines and dancing herself dizzy. The extra cute bit comes in way of the collection of amusing bloopers they’ve tagged in at the end of the footage. We haven’t seen much of Sigrid’s playful side translated into video as yet, it is great to see her having fun. You know what they say wearing a smile, spreads a smile. Keep at it Sigrid, it suits you.

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