Sigrid has had a premiere year what with coming out on top victorious as the BBC Sound Of, 2018 winner. She has toured at length. Released an EP “Raw.” All while, putting ideas together and starting the recording process, on the debut album. As much as I really wanted to get behind the release of the “Raw” EP and its singles, melodically, much of the release just didn’t hit the spot with me. Which was a huge shame, since I love her dynamic, voice so much. “Don’t Kill My Vibe” and “Strangers” were such stomping pop hits, I guess for a time she thought she’d change it up a bit, show some versatility. However, I’ve craved a new track with plenty of oomph embedded in it. Because I know at first hand, Sigrid is a little powerhouse who delivers, big measures when performing live on stage. I may have sat tight for a year, waiting to get excited again by her music. Last night my ears were landed a “Sucker Punch” as Sigrid’s new single received its first play. Hottest Record In The World, with Annie Mac.

I think there was a lot riding on getting this single right. The moment the quirky drum-padded intro swept in, I was vibing along in my chair to the song. I had no idea where the first chord of the melody was going to take me to, but it didn’t matter a jot. The sense of getting a full-on, jamming, electronic-pop song was of far more significance to me. This being said, the track still has a charming simplicity about it, and Sigrid’s voice sounds more full-bodied with a stronger, pop sensibility seeping from it, than previously. She’s come back with a new style in tow, and a song with a chorus, which Alanis Morrisette, Natasha Bedingfield or Natalie Imbruglia would be immensely proud of.

Speaking with Annie Mac about the Emily Warren and Martin Sjølie collaboration, Sigrid said, “I guess, it’s pretty straightforward in the song. It’s about being happy. It’s called “Sucker Punch,” as when you get an unexpected happiness out of nowhere, and it hits you, and it’s great, and you keep coming back for more.” By no means, a small act of coincidence the words in this statement, sum up exactly how I feel about “Sucker Punch.” It’s great, and I keep coming back for more.

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