Sigrid is the latest scandi pop newcomer who is being marched forward to the forefront of new emerging pop, future dominance.

We pick up with Sigrid, as have many, with her lyrically sharp debut single “Don’t Kill My Vibe”.

In terms of an impacting debut “Don’t Kill My Vibe” ticks it way through all the right boxes at a rate of knots. Being that it has an incredibly impacting melody which is purposely strident in its approach. The slow build to the chorus only heightens the full might of the unfurling perky refrain and resolutely driven, dynamic exchange in vocal performance. We get to see a softer and grittier side to Sigrid in one fell swoop. All works to the greater good. The chorus alone is an all pointers memorable one.

Yes Sigrid has piqued my interest, I’ll be looking out for her follow-up effort as it might prove to be additionally insightful of where her placement in the big pop scheme of things is destined to see her fit. From this debut I’d say that would be some way that lies between the likes of Tove Lo and DAGNY
As one of Island Records newest signees expect Sigrid will become as much talked about as these scandi pop counterparts if the skilfully thought-out debut in “Don’t Kill My Vibe” is anything indicative to go by.

I listen to this and feel fuzzy with excitement because I feel sure that is going to gain some serious traction over the coming months and when this momentum fully kicks in. WALLOP! A track like this can go stratospheric.