When 2017, began we had little or no indication that a little known Norwegian singer called Sigrid would play such an important part, on the emerging artist trajectory. Fresh-faced Sigrid Solbakk Raabe came out of the gate with “Don’t Kill My Vibe“, which remains one of this year’s catchiest singles. But, far from being a one trick pony, the songstress held the doubters off, releasing a string of ice cold and unwavering, pop anthems. To add to the growing list of achievements the unassuming Norwegian songbird tops off an impressive year where two of her songs “Everybody Knows” (a Leonard Cohen cover) and “Strangers” feature on the “Justice League” motion picture soundtrack.

I’ve got to hand it to Norwegian, she just seems to instinctively know how to handle a vocal so that it creates maximum impact and it isn’t down to any studio trickery that the results appear so stunning and immaculate. Catch her live, if you can. She will blow you away, with, her immeasurable talent and, you get to see a soft and gritty side to Sigrid in one fell swoop.

Sigrid, really is up there, as one of this years success stories and if anyone thought that she wouldn’t have the lasting power in her, then they severely underestimated her. The release of “Strangers” closes out an incredible year on a high note, highlighting the singer’s captivating voice and alluring artistry. Proof, that she has definitely, found her own-place, amid a vast, potentially daunting landscape of electronic pop.

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