Sigrid’sDon’t Kill My Vibe” has been out for a couple of months now and hasn’t lost any of its initial charm and dynamic impact. Which is all a very good thing, because as I’ve mentioned previously, this perky pop debut just snowballs in stance and grandeur the more you listen to it.

When I look at Sigrid, I see this very young lady who basically has talent in abundance, as from the second her vocal rings out, it is apparent that there is so much conviction and attitude in its delivery that Sigrid is sure to continue garnering up a legion of new fans just by the impression this pop stomper leaves in its wake. Afterall, I much see “Don’t Kill My Vibe” as being one of the songs which will reach its full potential in the summer and height of festival season.

As such, it seems a good time to be meeting the burgeoning pop superstar on-the-rise, as she steps up with an accompanying video to her towering, high-rise anthem. It’s brought to us in blocks of colour with Sigrid pulling in an energetic performance, overflowing of sass and feisty spirit. Even without the video, Sigrid made her presence felt. The film clip just solidifies that she will not to be messed with at any costs really!

Aside from this, I hope the stocks of the slogan emblazoned t-shirt have been made in vast supply, sure they’re going to prove popular not only as summery garment but also for doing their bit for pussy power solidarity.