Directly after our recent annual pilgrimage to SXSW, we began to think to ourselves that maybe attending one new music discovery festival wasn’t enough for us at EQ Music this year. It’s all well and good if you can get yourself over to Austin for SXSW, equally no worries if you can’t with the abundance of festivals springing up all over the UK. This side of the pond though, The Great Escape festival for new music in Brighton absolutely stood out as being the perfect event for us to attend to check out some of the rising new talents in electronic pop. So, no sooner had we swept up the stage after EQ Music Live with Betty Who, Raj and myself travelled down to Brighton to attend The Great Escape for the first time.

High on my list of priorities was getting in to see the much talked about Scandipop newcomer Sigrid. An opportunity which swiftly escalated in level of importance for me, after the live TV performance of “Don’t Kill My Vibe” on Later With Jools Holland, aired.

Sigrid came out of nowhere, just under 3 months ago and has been riding on her catchy and empowering debut single “Don’t Kill My Vibe” ever since. To look at her you might either see a very young lady who to be honest doesn’t really fit the future pop queen label. Being that she’s so peachy and untainted and not massively over styled. Or as we’re used to seeing a pouty press shot of Sigrid wearing a T shirt with the “Don’t Kill My Vibe” slogan emblazoned on it, and in certain ways that the look can come across as a little bit bratty.

To figure out just where Sigrid’s pop lies in the bigger scheme of things, Raj and I headed down to the promenade venue Coalition, which was packed out even as we arrived nice and early. We still managed to place ourselves reasonably close to the stage, which was a little obstructed by the natural architecture of the old building. It was an adequate view enough that we could see Sigrid as she came close towards the crowd.

This was my first experience at a music festival like this, so I was naturally up for it anyways, whatever it was going to give me! In truth I couldn’t see very much being a short person myself, married by the fact that Sigrid is similarly pint-sized in stature. However, you cannot be of that opinion of her vocal capabilities and the powerful performance which she gave all the way through her set. Sigrid was utterly enchanting. My eyes were transfixed towards to the stage to catch a mere glimpse of her as she confidently produced a set which consisted of the statement making pop of the “Don’t Kill My Vibe” EP. She was totally bringing all the pop goodness out. It was spellbindingly magical, to be there and witness such a strong and engaging set, as our introduction to The Great Escape. There was no doubt that the magic was hovering all over venue and it felt to me, by the noise of the rapturous response given by the Coalition audience, everyone felt that they had witnessed the launching of a new pop queen.

Raj and myself were completely shook by Sigrid’s set. Confirmed by Raj tapping my shoulder afterwards and commenting “She’s freaking brilliant”. The opinion expressed by two EQ’s. That’s how you know she’s the real deal!