Did you realise October 13th is just around the corner? The date is firmly etched in my mind being that it is the day Troye Sivan releases his third album, “Something To Give Each Other“. It’s been a while since we heard the first single “Rush,” a song that got us through the summer. Now that the weather is cooling down and autumn is close by, it feels a good time to get another taste of what the upcoming body of work has in store. Team, Troye Sivan similarly thought the same. Bearing in mind, specifically the second electro-pop song, dreamy “Got Me Started” has arrived right on cue complete with a music video directed by Gordon von Steiner.

The singles are distinctive offerings. With the former (“Rush“) as an upbeat summer anthem and the latter a more slow and introspective track. In his latest track Troye shares his feelings about a hot boy he met at a party. He admits that he doesn’t want to spend the night alone. The attraction between them is palpable that Troye especially cannot resist the temptation. He even confesses, “Boy can I be honest? I kinda miss using my body, f*ck it up just like this party did tonight“. It’s a vulnerable and honest portrayal of love and desire.

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Were you thinking the new release sounds somewhat familiar? This isn’t purely because of Troye’s vocals. The likeliest reason is that the track samples “Shooting Stars” from Australian electronic duo Bag Raiders. The song has seen many uses. As an internet meme and crossing over to TikTok, and now Troye interpolates it into his latest single. It’s funny how these things catch on. Since, it is not the case that we have not been humming the melody already. However now because of this Troye Sivan track we absolutely are!

The latest music video from Troye is truly something special. Following on from his previous hit “Rush“, the new clip features an incredible routine that Troye has mastered with the help of his talented “Rush” dance choreographers. The footage, set in Bangkok emits a notable sense of pure joy and freedom. Troye himself describes the video as “euphoric” and “total freedom”. Believe me when I say, watching it just once is not enough. You’ll want to experience the incredible energy and excitement over and over again.

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