It was only at the end of August that Troye Sivan released his “In A Dream” EP. Helmed by singles “Take Yourself Home,” “Easy” and “Rager Teenager!” The remarkable, six-song concept EP saw Troye develop his music style further, dipping in and out of soft sonic sounds and generally being otherworldly dreamy. Out of those focus singles, it was the track “Easy” which struck a chord with listeners. The track, amassed over 11 million combined global streams in the first week of release. It makes sense that when wanting to explore the body of work further, the singer selected “Easy” to revisit. The remix couldn’t be any bigger than being studded by features from Kacey Musgraves and Mark Ronson.

Ronson’s new production on the track, additionally adds some extra sparkle to the music and melody amid the melancholy. The mix has been carefully considered. And is not so far off the mark from the original edit but small changes here and there introduce subtle bittersweet references to the score. Kacey Musgraves vocal contribution adds sweetness, breaking up the brooding ambience the narrative of the track gives off.

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When it was released in July, the video for “Easy” marked the video directorial debut for Troye. It’s not something to easily forget due to the potent and emotiveness the clip offered up. The updated music video starring both Troye and Kacey and directed by Bardia Zeinali, see’s both singers on a road trip through Nashville. Going in search of entertainment, they end up at an eclectic mix of drag shows, a line-dance class and a dive bar. The clip is kinda as real as it gets when you’re on the run from enduring further heartbreak.

These new adaptations of “Easy” raise Troye up on a new level of pop power. The raw, unabashed honesty he shares will similarly leave you yearning for change by seeking an adventure. I expect for many of us plan plotting for 2021 is well underway.

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