The latest in the line of Martin Garrix’s poperatti collaborations brings in Troye Sivan to the forefront of the stage.

In-keeping with Troye’s soulfully, melodic style. Garrix, all so fittingly brings about a spacey soundscape gathered up of future bass beats which act their part as a soulmate to Troye’s, vulnerably, dreamy placed vocal.

There For You” is a gentle EDM song which expresses that in times of emotional need and support, there is always a light to look to, to get you back on track. It might be a friend, it might well be music. Whatever the way forward to heal yourself better might be “There For You” is a celebration of who or what got you back to a happy place.

The video is also super nice, being that its more than Martin Garrix just stood behind a table of production equipment and gadgetry. Of course, there are cut in’s of that although, mostly the focus of the visual narrative centres around following both of the rising stars, filmed in a life-in-the day kind of styed footage. Contrasts in high energy and moments of peaceful downtown, add everything to the reflective mood of the song.