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If you thought I would leave my pop music obsession with Bentley Robles in 2023. I hate to tell you, that I am just as enthusiastic about the synth-pop releases Bentley has planned for 2024. He was on an incredible roll of releases through 2023, culminating in the debut EP “Ugly Crier,” out last November. But he’s not slowing down anytime soon. In fact, he’s just getting started! His first new track of 2024, “Just OK,” is sure to be a hit. And if you loved Bentley’s signature style of sharing stories about being a hopeless romantic in his last era, you won’t be disappointed. With “Just OK” he continues his trailblazing, serving “a delusionally romantic anthem about falling for everyone and anyone”.

Bentley made no secret of seeking inspiration from the most notable of pop girlies. It doesn’t take a lot to work out where he sought influence when making “Just OK.” In musical terms, his drawing inspiration from ROBYN and Troye Sivan leaps out.

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With less than 48 hours since its release, the song has already become Bentley’s biggest hit yet, surpassing all his previous streaming records. Bentley himself announced, “I’ve dropped the biggest single of my career. It’s already streaming better than anything I’ve dropped before.” It’s no secret that Bentley’s music has received critical acclaim, and “Just OK” is no exception. With its catchy musicality and upbeat groove, it’s no wonder the song is already a fan favourite.

Bentley’s signature style of combining confessional lyrics and cinematic synths has remained consistent, but his presence in the pop music scene is stronger than ever. With his undeniable talent and impressive artistry, Bentley’s music continues to capture the listening ears of fans worldwide and solidify his status as a pop artist on the rise.

Don’t miss out on this incredible artist’s journey. Stay tuned for more updates!

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