Yeah, it’s true that I’ve been talking quite a bit about Bentley Robles on this blog lately. The reason for this is simple. I honestly can’t help myself – his music is just too good! There’s something about his blend of electro-pop and confessional lyricism that speaks to me. And now that he’s getting ready to release a new EP, I’m practically counting down the days. Regarding his sophomore body of work. He released the lead single, “Hope U Cry,” a little while ago, and it’s been on repeat for me ever since. But now he’s dropped another track, “Side Effects,” and it’s just as addictive.

After the success of the recent track “Hope U Cry,” it’s no surprise that his new EP is highly-anticipated. Furthermore, since unleashing two teaser songs, it feels a safe bet to conclude the theme of heartbreak runs throughout the EP. (Which is often the case with music that resonates with us). The latest release, “Side Effects,” is unquestionably another standout track from the New York-residing Latino synth-pop artist and producer that captures the lingering pain from a past relationship. And whereby it is notably impressive how Bentley’s lyrics can be so personal yet relatable.

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It’s intriguing to witness how an artist’s upbringing and musical influences mould their unique sound. Bentley admits that since he grew up on main pop girl music, this is the kind of music that he makes. From the response received recently on his latest releases, it’s clear that his music is connecting with his listeners. Indeed I confess, I am loving every drop of the magic music formula of electro-pop and unabashed confessional lyricism.

I’m eagerly looking forward to hearing the rest of the EP and witnessing what other emotions he’s able to evoke through his music.

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