In this, my first emerging artist feature of 2023, I am shining a spotlight on the New York-residing synth-pop artist, producer and writer Bentley Robles. With good reason, he is rightly proud of his Chicano descent, although he was born and raised in Los Angeles. Bentley now thrives in Brooklyn, where the songs “i hate the weekend” and a cover of the ABBA smash “Lay All Your Love On Me” helped to make him one of the defining voices of New York underground. With that said, it feels only proper that his first offering of the year sees Bentley draw upon his Latin heritage in the latest single release, “Salvatore“.

While I am a relatively new listener, I believe this is the first time he recorded a bilingual track. Yet seamlessly, it fits in with Telenova’s theme that inspired him to write, in the first instance, a song “about the internal war between good and evil“. The “oh sa-sa-sa, salvatore, salvatore,” lyric, Robles refers to as “the little but loud brother” of Lady Gaga’s “Alejandro,” is a valid comparison!

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Similarly, as is the aesthetic of Gaga’s, “Alejandro” music video, Bentley also describes his song “Salvatore“…

“It’s 2 minutes and 53 seconds of devilish freedom. Salvatore is me, and I am him. Anyone who knows me or comes to my shows knows exactly what I’m talking about.”

Without a doubt, a big step forward in artistic progress is made by Bentley in the track “Salvatore“. As such. Also, it sounds like this isn’t a song that only underground audiences should listen to. The (Gregory Dillon) production in the piece elevates the fiery hot blooded synth-pop banger. Legitimately that might well be the ultra-catchy song that lifts Bentley into the pop stratosphere.

Regardless, because of masses of pop potential and this cracking tune. I sense Bentley Robles is on course to make big waves in 2023. At the very least, it would be a good idea that you have him on your radar.

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