I have listened to a lot of music lately that has required that I be deep in thought. I acknowledge this is a significant part of music appreciation and music blogging. There are also times, such as sunny holiday weekends, when I prefer to enjoy songs that are less taxing on my brain cells. For that reason, I was more allured than I’d normally be by a track like “See Me Naked” showing up in my submission pile.

By their own admission, Bentley Robles and Zee Machine, as the artists behind this track, wanted nothing more than to make a fun pop song.

“When Bentley sent me the song and asked if I wanted to throw down a verse for it. I knew right away it was exactly the energy I needed to let loose and remind myself that making pop music is FUN. God dammit!” Zee Machine shares, further adding, “I can’t wait to see the burlesque routines and drag numbers people come up with for it.”

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Neither Zee Machine nor Bentley Robles cast doubt on their integrity as queer pop artists from their song “See Me Naked.” Since covering Zee Machine on the blog more than a few times, I am all too aware of how much authenticity in lyrics and narratives is a crucial part of Zee’s artistry. Even though Bentley Robles in the first instance, writes from an unapologetic perspective. In his recent releases, “Salvatore,” and “Kiss My Friends,” he noticeably shows he is intent on having fun at the moment when making his pop art.

I already had it worked out from his previous songs. Bentley Robles is neither a shy nor retiring type of emerging pop talent. Therefore, I am unfazed by the upfront and tongue-in-cheek commentary of “See Me Naked“. Instead, I appreciate that Bentley dared to have fun when making this playful pop-bop. And that he made the right call, bringing Zee Machine along for the ride.

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