In January, I spotlighted New York-residing synth-pop artist, producer and writer Bentley Robles in my first emerging artist post of the year. In the first instance, his song “Salvatore” caught my ear. Months later, since the release, the fiery hot track continues sticking with me. For example, as I stream the “This Beat Is Poptronik” playlist, I look forward to “Salvatore” when it pops up. In fact, at EQ Music Live the other week, the playlist was played during the intervals between acts. I duly pointed out the track to some publicists who came along, and they agreed that “Salvatore” is a bop. Because I had an early preview. I urged them to look for the follow-up track, “Kiss my Friends,” I have similarly enjoyed. 

The track “Kiss my Friends” is the second single, lifted from the upcoming sophomore album from Bentley. What appeals to me foremost about this release is the cheeky nature of the lyrics. The song gave had me full-on smiling from ear to ear whilst squealing with delight that the songwriting is brazen and uninhibited.

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Bentley says, “I wanted to write a song that really captured that limitless unbounded queer love that is part of Brooklyn culture. “Kiss my friends“, can mean whatever you want it to. It can be a sexually charged polyamorous anthem or it can be a harmless flirty banger that is simply hyping up your friends. I wanted it to feel very tongue and cheek, half joke, half confession. Regardless of which resonates, the underlying message is love.

I like the whole idea of a love song for your friends. It occurred to me that in his unofficial role as an ambassador for kindness and love, “Kiss my Friends” is a song that would suit Harry Styles perfectly. I quite imagine it is a song idea that Harry could likely write about.

Bentley Robles must know he wrote a dynamite empowerment anthem in “Kiss my friends” and that it has a lovely unique twist to the norm. It is a feel-good song and I am a magnet for these. Who doesn’t love music that lifts them up. Since, Bentley now has two such new bops under his belt this year. The consequence of this is, I am beginning to get a little impatient for the album.

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