There’s nothing as satisfying to see a talented electro-pop artist skyrocketing to success. I remember featuring Bentley Robles as my first emerging artist of this year. However, it is remarkable noting how far he has come in such a short amount of time. His track “Salvatore” really caught my attention and showed me how unique and special his sound was. Similarly, he’s continued to impress with each new release. It is not just the bold and playful commentary he uses liberally, but also the fizzing synth-pop sound he has claimed as his signature brand that keeps me truly transfixed.

Now, after a string of lead-in tracks, “Hope U Cry,” “Side Effects,” “I Just Wanna Dance (with LEXXE)” and “How To Ruin Everything.” The highly anticipated “Ugly Crier” EP is finally out. This debut body of work from Bentley is a product of enduring heartbreak and the collapse of romantic relationships. Yet, instead of shielding in the shimmering synth-pop beats, in this release he fully embraces the title “Ugly Crier” title and furthermore, owns it completely and authentically. Bentley reminds us that everyone experiences heartbreak and it’s healthy to cry ugly tears about it. The EP emphasizes a powerful message easily understood by anyone, (she’s, he’s, they’s, them’s) regardless of gender identity. Right, Bentley?

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As a passionate supporter of Bentley’s music, I am keen to share my enthusiasm for his latest release, the “Ugly Crier” EP. With many of its tracks already featured on the blog, I can confidently say that this body of work is a testament to Bentley’s growth as an artist. The opening track, “God Is A F*ckboy,” is a powerful and unapologetic anthem of liberation after heartbreak. Its confessional lyrics are accompanied by an electrifying electro-pop melody that’s sure to leave a lasting impression. There’s little more for me to add other than to further urge everyone to give this EP a listen. Experience Bentley’s bold and authentic approach to music firsthand.

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