Question. EQ Music Blog readers, have you been wondering who my current favourite emerging artist is? I have to say, without a doubt, that NYC-based synth-pop artist Bentley Robles is absolutely killing it right now. His music is simply magnetic and alluring, and I can’t seem to get enough of his incredible synth tracks. Ever since I discovered him at the start of this year, I’ve had his songs on repeat nonstop. Whenever I press play on one of Bentley’s tracks, I just know that my ears are in for a real treat.

Even though lately, in his songs he’s been singing about break-ups and heartache in an unabashed confessional lyrical style. Bentley still manages to add an uplifting element into the equation. It’s like a fizzing synth-pop mastery that brings a sense of hope and positivity to the mix.

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Today Bentley is excited to share he recently teamed up with fellow queer artist LEXXE for a new track called “I Just Wanna Dance.” It’s a bit of a departure from his usual style, but it feels like it was so much fun to collaborate and let loose. Instead of dwelling on heartache and heartbreak, they both just wanted to dance those feelings out. They hope you’ll give it a listen and maybe even dance along with them!

I absolutely love the music video directed by Alexa San Roman! It’s such a liberating three minutes of Bentley and LEXXE just cutting loose and showing off their best dancefloor moves. I must say, they really do lend a new meaning to the term dancing queens. And don’t even get me started on “I Just Wanna Dance” by Bentley Robles. It’s one of those tracks that I can’t help but turn up to the max, without even hesitating or considering my next-door neighbours. It’s just that good!

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