I am absolutely loving the current transformation of Greyson Chance, from discreet, thoughtful, lyrical singer-songwriter to a music artist and person who has grown in confidence and acceptance of himself. Like anyone who has learned to embrace all aspects of their identity because of undergoing a pivotal, life-affirming event or struggle (Greyson’s recording as an openly gay artist, and opening up about his battle with the eating disorder anorexia on the track “Bad To Myself“.) The change is both noticeable and pleasing to see. “Holy Feeling” the first single lifted-off of the yet-untitled upcoming album evokes the sense that a new awakening had taken place. The track, a contemporary pop ballad, was almost hymn-like in its styling. What follows with the second album taster “Hellboy” could not be more different. Hot, provocative and burning with sexual desire. This is Greyson Chance being seen entirely through a new lens.

An official audio video for the track was immediately unleashed upon release but was quickly flagged up as being territory restrictive. I’m kinda maddened I’m missing out on some possible spectacular visual interpretation of the track. Because the sensual allure of the lyrics, (the bit where Greyson sings in French, very much included in that) allude to it oozing some degree of naughtiness. It certainly has YouTube steamed-up that’s for sure. (I don’t know what to make. There shouldn’t be issues like this happening in 2021.) I’ll be keeping a check for when it reappears. There are however other exciting announcements expected to come this week. I will definitely be checking in on that.

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It cannot be said of Greyson’s previous releases, (noticeably closest in style being “Dancing Next to Me“) this song has a groove. It is also his most real bid for securing radio play. Somebody pinch me, this could be a Nick Jonas or Sam Smith track but instead, this is Greyson Chance I am listening to and he’s unashamedly singing about attraction and sexual chemistry. I think with all considered, during the last year we’ve learned to be even more appreciative of the little things. Starting as I mean to go forward, I am definitely thankful for the catchy but cool, hot and provocative “Hellboy.” This one is a jam.

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