Goodbye August. Hello September. The summer has flown by, right? Nevertheless, it is time to update the “This Beat is Poptronik” playlist again. Not because we think you’ve tired of Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande’s Rain On Me” or the amazingness of “Malibu” by Kim Petras. (You can still enjoy them on the playlist archive – HERE) Because a lot of electronic, pop and indie artists have released some more very, good songs. And because we like to keep the playlist oven-ready with the freshest pop delights, you might be hearing on the radio. Plus under the radar hits (you will NOT have heard on the radio as well.) For September you might notice, we’ve also added in a few classic hit remixes by icons. As we like mixing the old with the new (just a little bit). So let’s go explore “This Beat Is Poptronik” September 2020.

Writing about the SG Lewis track “Impact” featuring Robyn and Chanel Tres. We commented, “Summertime without some Robyn in our music diet just doesn’t feel right.” You know we worship her, and our words are our bond. She makes the playlist twice!!

Midnight Sky” by Miley Cyrus appears as well. (We have to admit she knocked it out of the park with this one.)

We cannot stress enough how phenomenal “Fingers Crossed” by Agnes is. About the track, I said, “I am utterly stuck like super glue on this truly, glorious song.” (Still am.)

OMG! What made us write about Jaden (Smith)? The release of his dreamily chill track “Cabin Fever” caught our attention. (We can relate to having been feeling a lot this way ourselves – enough said about that.)

Don’t miss gems from Melanie C, Erasure, Aluna, morgxn, Lostchild, BT and London Grammar.

Who you should have on your radar:

Although just getting started, Baby Queen is creating quite an impression with catchy, anti-pop offerings like “Buzzkill.” They are potent offerings, to say the least, from a modern, voice, who has a grip on reality in a sassy and forthright way.

YAVIN melted our nerdy hearts with “Hot.” (It’s a bit in the same whimsical vein as Myylo.) We like too much about Yavin’s style, his slight awkwardness and his ability to pen sweet yet thoughtful tracks sharing his experiences in life. He promises more is coming… we are listening.

We finally wrote about CXLOE. The arrival of “One and Lonely” is where the lightbulb went off. Of the pop-sensible track. We like that she is being, totally fresh, totally, sincere and uber dreamy as if she were Australia’s own breezy pop cousin of Lennon Stella.

Lastly, we hope you haven’t missed the wildly, bizarre video for “Honeydew” from Zee Machine. As by his own admission he proclaims he has an unhinged creative vision. Yeah, it lives up to its, balls-to-wall brief. The track is very noticeably chill, and dreamy. (Inserts thumbs up emoji)

Please DO go and explore the playlist and discover a new favourite track and/or artist for yourself. Share it with your friends if you like (It would make us stupidly happy if you did this 😉 )

We’ll update you again on “This Beat Is Poptronik” news sometime soon.

Now that’s what I call electronic pop!

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