I was generally unaware of Greyson Chance before the Oklahoma raised singer-songwriter began promoting his 2019 album “portraits.” Yet became an instant fan on hearing the track “shut up.” It is the genuine, honest narratives that Greyson writes which make his tracks, captivating and endearing. It is hard not to be touched by the poignant lyrics or the tenderness and sentiment, which appears in his vocals. While we have been treated to several stand-alone singles (“Boots,” “Dancing Next To Me,” “Honeysuckle,” “Bad To Myself“) between album campaigns. Greyson has given his social media platforms a spring-clean and made clear that the lead single from his upcoming album is the track “Holy Feeling.”

There is usually a lot of noise being generated on New Music Friday’s. Owing to a lot of the music industry vying for their slice of attention. Often it is the not so obvious pop tracks or gentler ballads which get overlooked. Although the sensational support for Olivia Rodrigo with “drivers license” showed that pop fans do, still appreciate accomplished songwriting and authenticity. Since it dropped on Friday. Greyson’s tender track “Holy Feeling” has been obscured by the runaway success of the High School Musical actresses, stirring debut.

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Speaking in a live chat before the “Holy Feeling” video premiere aired. Greyson revealed that the footage (once again directed by frequent collaborator Bobby Hannaford) was filmed at the same location where the video for “shut up” was shot. The clip features a selection of people, working their craft. While displaying commitment, determination and perseverance. Most notably enjoying the process of being creative. The analogy of “Holy Feeling” in this sense. Means to be inspired and to be fired with a passion for a particular venture. Your writer asks… can you guess what creative pursuit I regularly undertake that leaves me tingling with holy feelings? My enthusiasm for music has always been with me since a young age. The writing/blogging/journalist part has taken on a life of its own. The ability to speak about music every day. And, support lesser-known music artists is without a doubt how I get my serving of holy feelings. And now I have a song which beautifully celebrates, artistry and craftsmanship by putting the sector on a pedestal. Thank you, Greyson Chance

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