In a courageous move, before the release new single “Bad To MyselfGreyson Chance shared an, extremely, honest open letter styled post on his social media. The singer found the inner-strength to speak about his battle with the eating disorder anorexia and shared that he had been hospitalised because of it affects. He also mentioned he was now, speaking out as a way to lessen the stigma around the condition. Adding two years later, he feels, stronger than he’s ever been. While also recognising, it will be a battle which continues for the rest of his life. (Below – is the statement in full.)

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I truly don’t know where to start. With my last album, I made a promise that I would strive to be as honest as possible through my work. That type of honesty and vulnerability is what inspires me as an artist and it’s what gets me out of bed in the morning. I can’t release Bad To Myself without telling you that it’s about an eating disorder, and my ongoing battle with anorexia. Back in 2018, when I was writing Portraits, I was not in a good place. Not only was I recovering from a tough breakup, but I was also reentering back into music, and I felt nothing but chaos in my head. I was desperately searching for some kind of control. I found that control by watching the numbers drop on my scale as I starved myself day-in and day-out. It wasn’t until I woke up in a hospital bed one morning that I knew I had to turn things around not only for myself, but for my family, my friends, and for all of you. There is a certain taboo around eating disorders in our society, and I am sharing my story to hopefully make a small crack at that stigma. Eating disorders do not discriminate; they affect such a large population of people, non-dependent on gender, identity, age, or background. Two years later, I feel stronger than I have ever been, but I would be lying if I said I still am not battling against anorexia, and I know that it will be a continued battle for the rest of my life. To anyone struggling with an eating disorder, know that I am here for you, I understand you, and I encourage you to stay strong in your fight. I’ve put a resource link in my bio that was extremely helpful to me during my time of need, and I hope it is helpful to anyone struggling too. I love you. You are enough and I am enough. I found an inner-strength through writing this song, and I make a sincere promise to you : I am done being Bad To Myself.

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Greyson joins a growing number of artists from the entertainment sector who have spoken out about their personal experiences around body image. With more male artists than ever before coming forward, speaking up about these topics during the past year. It is not a trend, but a coming out in solidarity with one another. A real desire to make a change for the better, and inspire others who feel these struggles to make the leap.

We felt the sincere lyrics ripple throughout Greyson’s 2019 album “portraits” but not like what is voiced on “Bad To Myself.” The pop ballad, when teamed with the Rahul Chakraborty directed music video shares an especially, raw, and upfront, conversation about the ways the disorder takes hold, throwing life off-course. The music video allows Greyson to be quite graphic in this respect. There is no papering over the cracks, we see his exhaustion, the drinking, the mechanisms of self-punishment. Ultimately, the singers desire to seek change, find ways to overcome his demons. “Bad To Myself” packs a roller-coaster of emotions into it’s three and a half minutes air time. By sharing more his vulnerabilities, the track helps to clear a fork in the road between album releases. I’m sure the feeling is bittersweet for Greyson to have “Bad To Myself” finally shared out in the world. I feel the response received on the release of this powerful song and video from his enchancers fandom, will immeasurably give back love, support and strength to the evolving pop artist.

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