Recently, we fell charmed to the emotively strung single “Shut Up.” But, if we were left in any doubt how super personal the forthcoming album “Portraits” by Greyson Chance would turn out. The singer is giving us one last taste of what’s to come by way of “timekeeper,” prior to the long-player release of next week. These days, lyrics play an even more prominent role in Greyson’s new work. Although, we shouldn’t be surprised by this at all, as this is what the process of growing up, does. On reflection, it is quite understandable to fathom why he has spoken out via social media and considers “Portraits” to be his debut album.

In direct reference to “timekeeper“, the singer has said of the track,

“A song about the boy who pissed me off the most last year & coincidentally my favourite track to dance to off my album.”

Stylistically the track is slinky, smooth and mid-tempo. While notably sophisticated, pretty chill and soulful. To be honest not at all what I had imagined, after reading Greyson’s comments about dancing around all night after he wrote the song.

However, it didn’t take me long to understand why the rather sultry soundscape of the song was the best way forward for “timekeeper.” Being, as it gives Greyson the prime opportunity to spotlight his gorgeous, affecting falsetto range. The combination of assertively emotive lyrics and soft, flowing melody does, in fact, make perfect sense. In this style, the greatest importance of the song really does prick the conscious, fair and square. And oh boy, how we come to learn Greyson’s version of events. As the poetic lyrics reveal, he feels that he put more of his heart and soul into the relationship than his boyfriend who got jealous and who pissed him off did. It is quite a story and likely to be a direct punch to the gut for the dude it is aimed at. Although, I cannot comfortably feel any sympathy for Greyson’s ex. You got to take on board, that eventually, a song is likely to happen at some point when you date a singer-songwriter. Tsk.

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