There are times when I make a special effort to be around when a music video airs by way of YouTube premiere. Given the very good lead-in clips, Greyson Chance had been sharing around the release of his new single “Dancing Next To Me.” I knew for definite that this track would turn out to be an absolute bop. Of course, I had already listened to the track multiple times on Spotify before the video premiere had taken place. Nonetheless, because of the storytelling elements which are always, thought-provoking and strong within Greyson’s visuals, it was the video I was most keen to see, on New Music Friday.

Watching the YouTube screen go into a count-down mode always makes my adrenaline pump sky high. Since tuning in for these premiere’s, (which has been happening with more regularity,) I’ve noticed I have grown a habit of drumming my fingers when the numbers enter double figures. YouTube premieres are my crack. Adrenaline junkie, much.

The clip begins where we see Greyson, dancing in a club. I swear truth, the second the pulsating intro kicked in, I could have pretty much mistaken it for mirroring the rhythm of my heartbeat. (What a lot to have happened when just 5 seconds in!) You know, most videos which revolve around a nightclub setting are usually kinda boring and null and void. We’ve seen the like of, too many times. This doesn’t apply to the Edgar Daniel directed clip for “Dancing Next To Me.” Far from being euphoric, it is intense and portrays the electrifying chemistry and the thunderbolt feeling of physical attraction at work. The premise of the song, being one person is more, coy than the other to get things started between them. With the other (Greyson in this instance) gently urging that in taking the leap to commit, all will be okay. In no uncertain terms, it is made clear by Greyson that in this situation, he is really struggling with being level-headed. He has to curb his desire to rush in and satisfy what his heart wants. I have watched the video many times now, every time I do so, I still clutch my chest, so my heart doesn’t leap out.

Needless to say, by the tone of my review, I have made it is easily understood, how very, much I am obsessed with “Dancing Next To Me.” What a great start to the sophomore album for Greyson Chance.

Greyson will excitedly return to Europe this spring to play several major cities, including Madrid, Stockholm, Berlin, London, Moscow and more. Greyson will continue to tour worldwide throughout 2020. (Info here)

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