I have checked out enough music from Greyson Chance. That I understand songwriting is paramount to him as a music artist. To this end. That I grasp, it is his choice of lyrical narratives that is emphasizing he is not someone who is stepping back from opening up. That instead, he allows us to see the vulnerabilities, warts and all. In his new music, it is also true to say. That little by little I have noticed, Greyson letting his guard down evermore. Yesterday Greyson released “Palladium,” his fourth album. (An effort prefaced by the songs “Palladium“, “Athena“, and “Homerun Hitter”). Celebrating the release. We felt especially honoured to have Greyson stop by for a chat with us. And to talk about the new album and share a little more insight into it. (See Interview HERE)

Leading on from the excitement of the album release, sees a video for the deeply, affecting track, “My Dying Spirit” also arrive. It is also worth noting that the clip is the only stand-alone visual made for the “Palladium” era. The Damien Blue-directed clip is gritty, honest and highly emotional viewing. In this visual Greyson shares with us an unvarnished account. Where in this scenario we are looking someone that has hit their lowest point, coupled with witnessing them seeking rehabilitation. The footage is very unapologetic without an ounce of popstar glitz and glamour. Yet with an undoubted proficient singer-songwriter cast in the starring role.

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“With the “My Dying Spirit” video. I wanted to play a character that was distressed and messy. For, that’s how I was when I wrote the song”, says Greyson.

“I remember being in LA last December, more homesick than I could even comprehend. Lying on my kitchen floor just feeling depleted. That’s when I realised that I don’t always have to feel and be okay. That my imperfect spirit is what makes every part of me unique… it’s what makes me an artist. “My Dying Spirit” is a tribute to those nights on the kitchen floor, and to always getting back up on your feet.”

EQ reader’s homework is to check out Greyson’s album “Palladium” this weekend. Experience this masterclass of lyrical poetry and intimate storytelling. (In my view, it is a career-defining effort, thus far). Where he is easily on par with the biggest music stars on the planet where he is more like an alternative pop version of Lewis Capaldi. Tip: Pay special attention to the tracks “Mercury Year” and “Homerun Hitter“. As a result, you should be able to understand the comparison I am attempting to make. In any event my takeaway from listening to “Palladium“. Greyson Chance should be packing out arenas much the same as Lewis Capaldi is doing.

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