Remembering, what a time it was in 2021/22 when Swedish pop music giant Darin satisfied his English-speaking fans with “My Purple Clouds,” a five-track EP sizzling with addictive electronic pop. He really treated us well, didn’t he? He even jetted over to London and treated his UK fans to an intimate showcase. Even though I watched via a web stream. I remember the experience, so vividly, still. It was ace. However, I would be lying if I didn’t admit that I was hopeful more would come from his UK debut. And after releasing another album (in Swedish) and completing a tour of Sweden, here Darin is once more, with a new song, “Electric“, that I hasten to add, he’s pitching to the UK.

I can reveal I have had “Electric” on repeat ever since the track was popped into my inbox. The irresistible blend of pulsating beats and Darin’s enthralling vocals are undoubtedly captivating. Yet, what’s particularly striking about the release is the revival of the early 80s disco pop sound, reminiscent of his previous track, “Can’t Stay Away,” with subtle nods to the iconic style of Michael Jackson woven into the fabric of the song.

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The enthralling, infectious joy and euphoria that Darin conveys in “Electric” is palpable. The inspiration for this track came from a spontaneous night out clubbing with friends. Moreover, a night that has left a lasting impression on him. Since he captures the pulsating energy of unexpected encounters and the electric atmosphere of this particular experience. Unquestionably, his remarkable ability to intricately weave these moments and emotions into his music stands out as commendable.

Darin says…

“it’s funny how you can meet someone when you least expect it, who’s energy really just pulls you in. This song is about those moments and capturing that feeling.”

During his illustrious career, Darin has developed a talent for producing tracks that always leave me craving more. “Electric” is undoubtedly one of them.

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