I have certainly been grateful for all English-speaking releases from Sweden’s Darin lately. (Many of these I have consequently posted about on the blog). However, I wrongfully assumed when he dropped the pop sizzler “Satisfaction” a few weeks ago. This was the high point he would send out 2022 with. A few days ago, there was no hint that he would release an EP (“My Purple Clouds“) featuring some of these latest songs. “Satisfaction,” “Can’t Stay Away,” and “Superstar“. As well as two brand new songs “Memories” and “Give You Up.”

Would anyone be shocked when I say this is my favourite era of Darin? Since taking on the 80s and 90s pop vibe, Darin emulates many of the greatest pop stars of these decades. Notably, he is influenced by Prince and Michael Jackson and George Michael. He continues the trend of made ready for the dance floor jams on the smooth groover “Memories“. But on the song “Give You Up,” he reappears more in likeness to the Darin of a decade or more ago, when he gifted us tunes like “Step Up” and “Breathing Your Love”.

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Although the chances were slim. Announcing an arena tour the other week, I awaited it with bated breath. In the slightest hope there was news of a solitary UK date. While I realise the magnitude of an arena date in the UK is somewhat of an unlikely scenario. There is however, a suggestion I would like to make. I would very much like to see the UK get a date as a pre-tour warm-up show. Or at least that this idea is considered. In my opinion. With everything new he has released sung in English, we need Darin over here pronto. Because of the showcase spot he did at The Bedford in 2021, we know tickets likeliest would fly out the door quickly.

This ends my pitch on behalf of Darin’s UK fans.

Know this, since it dropped, and when not checking out other blog submissions, “My Purple Clouds” has been on repeat.

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