I was just thinking about last year when Darin released his EP, “My Purple Clouds,” which was entirely in English. It was so lucky for us to have that! In more recent news, the Swedish singer has since reverted to recording (at least, hopefully for the time being) in his native Swedish only. Again, in the last few months, he began releasing new music. The good reasons being he’s working on a new album (Swedish Language), and his Swedish arena tour takes place from September through to November. Of course, therefore, he wants to get some new tracks out first. The newest one is “Satellit,” which came out on Friday.

I recently decided to check out Darin’s new song “Satellit” purely because it was Darin. It was evident straight away he is exploring vibrant danceable, electro-pop music once more. (Particularly, which is reminiscent of his earlier works). The song “Satellit” has a pleasing sound that will undoubtedly satisfy his fans, and it seems like a deliberate move with the upcoming tour dates. After translating the lyrics, I realized that the song talks about how Darin feels he was never like everyone else, but now it doesn’t matter to him. (a reference to his recent decision to publicly come out as gay.) Sometimes it feels like the sky has opened up, and he can dream big and fly high. He wants to soar above the clouds several hundred miles and see everything as a satellite would see.

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In essence, “Satellit” is both a pop banger and an empowerment song. I can sense the track making big waves in the Swedish music scene. However, of course, I can’t help but wish it was in English. Regardless, I already know I will play this track on repeat because the groove is as hot as a disco inferno.

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