I am loving that music videos are dropping thick and fast again. It is nice to see the photography, video and film industries slowly getting back on their feet once more. One video that just came out, and I am enjoying, right now comes from Sweden’s Darin (Zanyar). The James Velasquez directed clip for Darin’s current funky disco-pop release, “Can’t Stay Away” (reviewed on the blog last month), is perfectly timed for the weekend.

Because of the mirrorball aesthetic of the song, it comes as no surprise that the music video has a cool discotheque feel also. Lots of twinkling lights, glitter, neon and other shiny stuff helps create the nightclub of our dreams. Truthfully, I feel kind of nostalgic when watching this footage. It feels as though someone has released the pause button. And by doing so the unique euphoric, alchemy that only exists when in a nightclub, hits in an instant. I guess you could say the “Can’t Stay Away” music video is some kind of sweet blissfulness.

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Darin said: “This video is colourful, chic, queer, and there’s, quite a lot of dancing! It felt liberating for me to shoot the video. I noticed how much freer I felt in the way I expressed myself – and that makes me happy, and excited. Hopefully, that energy will spread to others when they hear and see it.”

If this official video is not enough, Darin for you. I urge you to check out Darin’s live performance of “Can’t Stay Away” at Attitude’s Pride At Home opening party (HERE). This live is so, so good. Like jam hot. Still thirsty for more?… the dreamy, delightful Phil Fuldner remix of the track will see you right (check it HERE). Whichever way you prefer to get your Darin “Can’t Stay Away” fix, I can guarantee the choice you make, will bring on feel-good feelings. 

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