I made quite a fuss about the recent Darin track release “Can’t Stay Away” when it dropped in the summer. It had been ages since we’d written about him on the blog. I loved that the feel-good, funky, disco-pop offering sounded strikingly different to anything I had heard from him before. With that said. I realise our readers might now be wondering if I would ever get around to posting about the follow-up track “Holding Me More“, released last week. What can I say to that? Unusually for me, I had a lot going on last weekend. I didn’t get to listen to this beautiful, poignant ballad from Darin for a few days. (Know this. I really wanted to dive in and luxuriate in this new song).

Wow. I wasn’t prepared. “Holding Me More” hits hard, emotionally. When I did listen to it for the first time, I literally had to bite my lip to stop it from quivering so much. It is not only in the lyrics that I felt this song affect me really intensely but also Darin’s tender-hearted, evocative vocal. To be truthful heart-wrenching ballads are rarely my thing, but I felt all of this. It moved me in ways I really needed it to.

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Life is funny. One minute you can be dancing with great abandon in a nightclub. The next, a song like “Holding Me More“, ends up taking you on a very emotional workout. Well, that was how my weekend went.

The track is co-written by Jamie Hartman (Lewis Capaldi, Rag’n’Bone Man, Celeste). Imagine, if Darin was as well-known in the UK as any of the pop acts, Jamie has written for. This track would be zooming its way into the Official Top 40, for sure. As for raising awareness of Darin in the UK. It is being worked on. Catch him live at The Bedford, London. 9th November for his first-ever performance in the UK. (Details HERE).

The gig is at a venue Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith both played before becoming famous. Enough said.

Here’s some footage of Darin on Swedish Idol singing “Holding Me More” recorded earlier this week. Watch this and tell us how quickly it took you to buy a ticket for his intimate UK show.

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