Are you still on the lookout for some great new music (similarly, as I am) despite the festive releases and the end of the year winding down? Well, look no further! Moyka has just released a visual for her track “Lonely” from her most brilliant unskippable album “Movies, Cars & Heartbreak“. This is the fifth focus track from the album, and it’s no surprise why. So, don’t wait any longer, give “Lonely” some ear time now!

Moyka’s “Lonely” is a powerful track that speaks directly to the heartbreak that many of us have experienced. Through this song in particular, she explores the nuanced difference between loneliness and being alone, inviting us to reflect on our own emotions and experiences. By sharing her own struggle, Moyka creates a space for us to connect and find solace in the knowledge that we are not alone. And where Moyka muses…

“I know it’s for the better. To go back, become someone you barely know, you barely know ’cause I’d rather be all alone, than to be lonely, lonely, lonely with someone (with someone).”

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Whereas the song narrative is rather profound, this time for the visualiser, director Sara Westergaard Karlsen joins Moyka with a simple but nonetheless, effective visual idea for the “Lonely” video clip. It’s just footage of Moyka in her thoughts wandering through beautiful Norwegian places. The cute streets and countryside of Stavanger, Jørpeland and Bergen. It’s a mesmerizing experience to watch the video and become lost in the breathtaking scenery.

“These cinematic shots show a heartbroken but free girl – realizing her worth, going around in her life creating her own movie, being the main character of her own life”. Moyka explains.

To put a finer point on it, as a fan of electronic pop above all else, the album “Movies, Cars & Heartbreak” rocks my world. Therefore, instead of listening to it on my headphones, I dream of catching her live someday soon. I am happy that she managed a debut headline tour for this album release. And especially pleased this included one London date. I read it went down as a resounding success (therefore, expect she’ll be back again soon). For now, Moyka resumes her European tour in February with dates in Berlin, Hamburg and Zürich.

Seize the chance to witness one of the most exciting new artists in the electronic pop scene if you can!

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