We’ve had an EP which acted as a taster track release from Betty Who this year. Today the singer announces her third album simply, named “BETTY” (which will be released February 15, 2019) and also marks the occasion by sharing the lead single “Between You & Me.” It will be the first independent album that she has released. I feel it’s going to be a very important one for her careerwise and personally, and expect it to be diverse, revealing aspects of Betty Who, we have yet not met. At the time of posting, the full tracklist has not been announced although, it is confirmed singles “Ignore Me,” “Just Thought You Should Know” and “Taste” will all feature on the recording.

The singer adds,

“Betty” is my first independent album. It’s confident, it’s emotionally diverse, I basically just made the music I wished I could listen to. Every song on the record has a purpose and heart and its own identity.”

The Peter Thomas produced lead track “Between You & Me” is pretty understated in its design. Swapping out the buzzing electronic beats we are most familiar with replacing them with gentler wafts of acoustic guitar, and softer nuanced, electronic harmonies. What remains the same is Betty’s breathy voice full of dreamy deliciousness and narrative. Choosing a track like this which by contrast to previous singles is tender and soul-stirring is in itself quite a statement to make. One that appears to reinforce the singer’s independent rebirth, as to solidify everything is being handled on her own terms.

I can feel the cool confidence which seeps from the track, it makes it immediately arresting. Betty Who has emerged, un-fazed in her most daring and self-realised record to date. She is breathing fresh life into pop music, and it sounds comfortably epic by way of its subtlety.

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