It is true, to say Betty Who has been pulling lots of surprises lately. A shake-up of her image and experimenting with different music styles. The pop singer has been reborn and is clearly, reveling in her status as an independent artist, once more. EP “Betty, Pt.1” featuring buzz tracks “Ignore Me“, “Look Back” and “Taste” arrived just a week or so ago. And definitely, flexes Betty’s artistic capabilities, while showcasing a variety of pop indebted concepts.

The track “Taste” is probably, where we find the singer at her most liberated. It is unlike anything she has undertaken before but is tantalisingly sassy, and the, boldest overhaul of sound and style as yet. Just as exciting as the music itself, Betty has also been having tremendous fun sporting new looks, rock-chic hair, and playing dress-up. The singer completely pulled off a stunning 360-degree, one take visual clip for “Ignore Me.“ For “Taste” she’s embracing her independence further by indulging in different elements of her personality. Culminating in a clip which brings out more than a little of her playful side.

In truth out of all the tracks on the “Betty, Pt1” EP, “Taste” was always going to be the one, where she would have a really, good chance of stepping away from her cutesy pop-singer image, of old. Boy does she capitalise on this too! We get Betty and her alter-ego daddy. If thoughts are already running through your mind, does she get fresh with herself? Well as freaky deeds go in pop music video’s, this one is up there with Matty Healy of, The 1975 self loved-up performance in the “Somebody Else” pop video. Ooh, err if we didn’t already know Betty Who is the hotness and everything she does, is done in the best possible taste. The freeze-frame at three minutes, seven seconds is definitely, serving up a whole lot of peachy.

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