Listen to “You Can Cry Tomorrow” by Betty Who

The countdown is well and truly on for the imminent release of Betty Who’s sophomore album “The Valley”.

With two of the tracks from the album “Human Touch” and “Some Kinda Wonderful” landed already, three now makes the perfect number as new countdown / instant-grat track “You Can Cry Tomorrow” enters the equation.

Whilst never losing sight of her pop hearted intentions, it is notable that the phase in which Betty Who is now entering into, sees her more fine-tuned in all areas of artistry. She’s really come into her own on these tracks and by the sounds of things, well at least in the case of “You Can Cry Tomorrow”, it keeps on getting a notch better.

Back to what I consider Betty does best, “You Can Cry Tomorrow” takes a lead from the 80’s synth-pop style, propelled by dancey beats, some very good production and plenty of vocal harmony insitu at command of the songstress herself.

This isn’t a sad song, as the title might indicate. It is one of mending and moving on. Of a heartache shared is a heartache halved. With Betty cast in the role of chief mender, she’ll be there to pick up the pieces of your broken heart by just being the ear to all your woes and putting forward the suggestion that you might go dancing the night away and your cares away, because nothing says I’m doing fine better than shaking your booty in da club.

Ms Who, should feel particularly proud of this, it’s up there as one of her best I feel.