The third New Music Friday in January saw two of our favourite Aussie pop princesses, Kylie and Betty Who go head-to-head launching their first releases of the year. When it came to who made it out on top of the two Antipodean singers, I wasn’t captivated, by Kylie’s Dolly Parton does disco tribute and it was Betty’s amazing track “Ignore Me” that won the day.

Similarly, with the launch of both music videos. Kylie as lovely as she is, can keep the Radio 2 listeners happy with her country-pop direction but let’s get real, line-dancing has never looked cool, outside of the walls of the local community centre. Although, I will admit Ms Minogue’s dazzling outfits are what bedazzle me the most. On the other hand, Betty Who has completely pulled it off with her stunning one take visual clip for “Ignore Me“. It’s not like it’s just the singer statically looking into the camera, as she brings the lyrics of the track to life, constantly, moving about a 360-degree, film set. Showing, the world she has washed that ex out of her white blonde hair and her life by the power of dancing.

In a fan email to her Who Crew, Betty explains, “The experience of shooting this was definitely one for the ages for me. Filming an entire video in one take where there are so many moving parts felt impossible sometimes, but every single person on set worked so hard to bring together a thousand factors and make it look like one seamless, living, breathing moment.”

I’ll be the one to stick my neck out on the line and say as an independent artist again, Betty Who hasn’t sounded better or put out a better video than this for some while. It’s a definite about-turn for the better from an artist who has the best artistic interests in check, where she wants her music to go next.

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