Hands up, those of you who thought Betty Who’s current bop “I Remember” had passed me by. Come on now, did you really think I was going to let this great new song from Betty, slip away without sharing a few words or more about it? Well, it occurred to me, the lovely lady has clearly, been having her best time making all of the music videos (“Ignore Me,” “Taste,” “Between You & Me“) which have arrived in the run-up to the release of her new album “Betty.” (Out February, 15th) For this time only, I thought I’d hold out a little bit longer to see what visual concept she might possibly have up her sleeves for this track.

The song is a cute dose of dance-pop. Which I didn’t for one minute consider that the supporting visual clip would feature an alien creature in it, who I might add can do the floss rather well. Although I was ready to swoon over a dancing hunk or two because Betty Who has always been very good at giving us dancing man candy to look at. The video, directed by Jake Wilson, has been loosely inspired by Guillermo del Toro’s captivating adventure film “The Shape Of Water.” Who is the mystery person behind the mask who has captured Betty’s heart, I hear you ask?… Spoiler alert! It is Betty (she showed us some BTS pics on Instagram.) I must say she makes a beautiful alien, but don’t think for a second that there isn’t a solid reason behind, why the lovely Betty is dressing up as a fishy alien troll.

I am loving, watching Betty run the gamut of clever ideas for her videos in this new chapter of her music career. The productions are always fun, with hints of subtle emotion, vibrant colour and impressively execute themes and narratives we can easily relate to in our lives. I have a sneaking suspicion from all that I have seen and heard about the album “Betty” that it is about to become my absolute favourite of them all. Accessible pop rules sometimes, or more’s to the point when an in-control of everything Betty Who is behind it all.

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