On a weekend that saw many celebrations throughout the United Kingdom, it feels good to have new music from pop-icon singer-songwriter Betty Who to write about. Even better. The single “Blow Out My Candle” is not a stand-alone release but the start of a whole new era. The fact that Justin Breit and Justin Slaven of Fly By Midnight contributed to the composition of this track does not surprise me. Or that another Betty Who collaborator Martin Johnson is also back on board.

Channelling 80s pop vibes on the new single. Betty knows how to pull at EQ Music Blogs’ heartstrings and have us excited for the upcoming body of work.

Vibrant and uplifting. Fast and energetic. Like a whirling tornado. Dancefloors are about to crash as this 80s-inspired pop gem hits.

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“You can blow out my candle, but you’ll never put out my fire.” (Lyrics)

Blow Out My Candle,” is the feeling I held onto in the darkest moments of the last couple years. I hope it gives you the confidence and motivation it gives me,” says Betty Who about the single.

The video, directed by Tyler Cunningham, leans in further with the 80s sensibilities defined by the era. Fitness and aerobic workouts were at their peak. Tyler Cunningham and Betty Who buys into this aesthetic with aplomb. With a sweatband nestled on her glistening brow. The singer slips into a high cut leotard and rocks knee-high socks as she works up a sweat while undertaking a high-intensity solo gym class.

With the release of the single comes more news. Betty is making her reality TV debut by hosting Amazon Studios’ new dating show, “The One That Got Away.”

Described in the press release as…

“The show is a time-traveling, experimental dating series where six people searching for their soulmates have the chance to explore a lifetime of missed connections. One-by-one people from their past enter through “The Portal,” to surprise them and take their shot at love.” (More via Deadline HERE.)

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