I am sure I don’t have to explain to the readers of EQ Music Blog how much of a fan I am of Youngr, being as I’ve written about the multi-instrumentalist often enough. The truth is, his tunes light up my little world and I still can’t help but marvel at the way he seamlessly turns from one instrument to another when on stage and in his music videos. He always seems to be out and about somewhere taking his show on the road, and living the pop star life. It is a wonder that he finds time to cobble up new material yet he always seems to manage it, and the results are never less than boptastic. Travelling the world and being out on tour is the inspiration for the latest track “Lost In Translation.”

“This song says a lot about me and the world I am, living in. Being fortunate enough to take my live show around the world and meet all these amazing people, it puts a real perspective on life. I feel like, this song was being written in my head over the past three years with every new experience and person I came across” explains Youngr in a message about the release to his mailing list.

Youngr’s fresh, funky twist on pop, breathes life to the genre in a now familiar, quirky, inventive style. And is as about distinctive as his one of a kind ‘fro hairstyle. There is no mistaking his music or his voice, they are both equally recognisable. He is genuinely a credible and unique artist whose mesmerising beats and sense of humour lend a strong sense of identity to the music. On “Lost In Translation” more than ever we are reminded music is the universal language that connects us. We don’t have to be able to understand every word spoken in a foreign tongue. Music is more than words it is a feeling also, a way to express yourself. A mood of a song is just, as powerful. There is no doubt, anybody who listens to Youngr’s music will realise that it is stylised to promote, happy, positive vibes. If you speak the same lingo as our main man, you will, of course, have the added advantage of being able to appreciate his slick, humorous, and insightful way with words, as well.

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