Youngr’sOut Of My System” was one of my favourite tracks from last year and it’s catchy allure continues to pull in new fans as it makes its debut all around the globe. Currently the sparky track is being rolled out as the main focus to get America on board with Youngr’s zippy brand of pop. If all pans out as favourably received as the recent showcases at SXSW indicate (which Raj checked out, reviewed and brought us some ace live footage of, during his recent coverage of the influential music festival) then the melody man will be causing quite a commotion of curiosity and pop energy across the pond, on equal footing to everywhere else that has been turned on by the irresistible groovetastic power of the track.

Speaking for us back in the United Kingdom, we’re hungry for the next new taste of Youngr’s dynamically fizzing cocktails of electronic pop sparkliness to light up our audio senses and continue the dance party mood on further. This comes to fruition in the unleashing of “Monsters”, a beat driven smash of bop worthy proportions which serves another memorable dose of Youngr’s hyper-modern signature brand of ebulliently upbeat, melody gravitated pop.

I don’t want to sound off like a stuck record, but I am noticing there’s a lot of MGMT’s “Oracular Spectacular” psychedelic popness creeping into the realm of electronic pop right now and it shows itself in little nuances of Youngr’s “Monsters” too. Don’t get me wrong as I went quite nutzoid for that MGMT album but I am beginning to fear that we’re heading into an epidemic of it coming our way. Please don’t make into the new hype with an onslaught of it arriving in every new pop song like we have seen with the tropical mix. Seek influence and take inspiration just let’s have some moderation in this before it all gets out of hand and overcooked.

Youngr is ahead of the game with “Monsters” and I’ll be the happiest if it keeps this way!