Whenever I’m feeling a bit demotivated and am in need to snap out of the mood the one record collection I reach for lately, is Youngr’s debut long player “This Is Not An Album“. The main reason I give it a spin is that it features all of the multi-instrumentalists releases to date, but more than that every track is a bop. I’m still not tired of break out hit “Out Of My System” even though, the number of times I’ve played it, is so many, that if it were on vinyl, I’d have worn the grooves out by now. The song evokes the happiest of memories seeing his show at The Great Escape last year, but I’ve also been curious to know whether there were any new tunes on the horizon, the multi-talented musician had been, working on. I guess I got my answer last New Music Friday when a new Youngr track “Drive” was sitting right on top of my Release Radar playlist on Spotify.

Maybe it had to happen, being that Youngr’s music is, pumped of melodically sunny vibes and summer is inching closer. “Drive” is a full-on jam perfect for a spontaneous road trip with the windows winded down. It’s a song about, those days when you say to yourself, screw the routine, let’s just cut loose and leave all the drama and stresses of life behind, as in the lyrics of the song, “watch the world fly by in the rearview mirror”.

If you’re already familiar with Youngr’s music, you’ll be aware how brilliantly, skilful he is at knitting loops of melodies together. Of course, this is what first hits the ear, yet that isn’t what I greatly, admire about him. I am fascinated by his poetic way with lyrics and the how he stylizes them out with his own, quirky and slightly eccentric, but inimitable artistic flair. I thought it was rather, appropriate to share this little clip Youngr just threw up online of how he made the song.

Hang on tight and enjoy the ride with Youngr, as even though he’s toured extensively over the past year, I fully expect he’ll bring the old songs, the favourites and the new songs to festival stages again this summer the world over.

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