It’s not a bad time to be breaking out as a one-man-made-band right now. Infact, it feels almost as a growing trend among modern day multi-instrumentalist’s to forego the route of a session musician and really strike out as multi-skilled music making machines. Something that high profile acts such as Robert DeLong and Jack Garratt have proved that rather than been seen as a niche profession, honours to their advantage roll in with praises of success wherever they venture to perform.

Much like newcomer Youngr who has been building up considerable interest via his one-take live performance videos.

Youngr is the new project name of musician Dario Darnell, the same Dario Darnell who formed electronic pop duo Picture Book with brother Lorne a few years back (that I positively raved about as hard as I could). The same Dario Darnell, who is the son of August Darnell aka popular 80’s tropical pop gangster Kid Creole of Kid Creole and the Coconuts fame, no less!

I’ll let you in on this, Picture Book sowed the seeds of something very good indeed, even Madeon went so far to put a remix donk on them, they really were that good!

Although, that project appeared to go on hiatus, Lorne has since been releasing under the name of Lord High Owl and Dario as we now know goes under the new adpoted artist moniker of Youngr.

The past credentials I have already spoken about go before him, in giving some worthy insight into the emerging works of Youngr. Since the duo Picture Book, really had a tremendous knack of nailing hooks and fueling melody to the extent that their tunes became literally unescapable in their likability factor.

Something that as Youngr, Dario is keen to run with also, having recently dropped debut release “Out Of My System”.

Man this is so, so good! Not least of its rhythmic expression and overall catchiness that remains as suitably stellar as ever, but those lyrics have really come on some in leaps and bounds.

Never did a song born out of a break-up sound so freakingly, fantastically, good to my mind.

It’s official Dario Darnell’s new project Youngr, is more than predictably likely to spawn some very tidy pop morsels in the future, and I for one having been a fan of his former pop career, am pretty hungry in enthusiasm for them.