Youngr has gone and done it, he’s released “’93”. The track which unleashed the party animal in me when I first heard it as part of the music man’s showcase at The Great Escape. I don’t think the timing could be better on this one coming out either, as it’s a total bop. I’d go so far to say this about “‘93”, you can hear a bit of rhythmic influence from Youngr’s parents – which if you haven’t been aware of the family connection, is zoot-suited, totally tropical songster from the 80’s Kid Creole.

Aside from being suitably sunny with melody, the lyrics convey an urge to step back from the digital age and connect with a life that seemed a lot less pressurized. And yeah, I do tend to agree with the majority of things Youngr’s is singling out.

Above everything, I just love Youngr’s sing-speak delivery of these nostalgia based thoughts.