I have written about Youngr so many times now, you might think I’m running dry of different, things to say about his feel-good tunes. You would be wrong in this assumption though, Youngr’s creative energy as an artist is all the inspiration I need to continue sharing my thoughts on his tracks and music videos. As is the case with the current release “Lost In Translation”, which I have already reviewed, prior to the unveiling of the music video.

I have to say, this clip is my favourite music video by Youngr, thus far. As I really, enjoy watching him in his environment but especially when surrounded by his kit of instruments. Raj and I have said this before, dude is such a showman, you can’t take your eyes off him when he’s centre-stage. For us, it’s less about his choice of brightly coloured shirts and jackets which we find compelling viewing. It’s more to do with his slick musicianship and the way he glides like a snake from one instrument to another which has us agog at his every move.

Another thing we have come to learn about Youngr is whatever he does, always, has a wonderful, quirkiness to it. The video to “Lost In Translation” is no different. About the video, the singer/ multi-instrumentalist says, “I wanted to create a video which showed that language has no barriers, so we told several dancers we were conducting a social experiment! I hope you enjoy the results as much as I did.”

Safe to say, I love the video, the fun vibe it sends and the interpretation of the lyrics of the song. Sure put a smile on my face. As mentioned in my previous review of the track, travelling the world, meeting people and being out on tour is the inspiration for the latest song. It’s clear it’s part of the job he relishes, this summer he’ll be zipping around the globe bringing his bombastic show to a string of European dates. Too bad he’s not headed in my direction, I live in hope.

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