One of the first thoughts to flash across my mind when I was invited to attend The Great Escape this year, was the hope that I might get the chance to see Youngr. Raj had already checked the popster’s set out earlier in the year at SXSW, but I’ve been absolutely desperate to catch a Youngr gig ever since I wrote about his break out hit “Out Of My System” last year.

I’ve clicked through so many of the pop man’s clips up on YouTube. There is such an energy that emanates from them that I’ve been hoping to experience for myself someday. My luck was in, when Raj put forward the suggestion that we get ourselves down to Coalition and take in the show. I really envisaged that this would turn out to be the one of the highlights of my 3 days jaunt in Brighton.

Seemed like everyone else had the same idea of getting their party vibes on. For want of a better expression the venue was rammed with a packed out crowd.

From the moment the man in question took to the stage, he had an engaging command of it. Even though his entrance, saw him setting up and going through the final soundchecks, an operation of some complexity when you’re a multi-instrumentalist. Yet, Youngr’s showmanship is such that it felt intrinsically part and parcel of the set. When it came to the show kicking into full-swing, Youngr was pulling out all the stops, decidedly effortlessly so. It was just how I’d imagined it to be. Slick moves into the next peppy hit of quirky pop flavours with plenty of larger than life banter in competition to out-size the vastness of Youngr’s afro.

It is clear that the Youngr fan base is growing, as there was plenty of singing along going on in that room and some air punching action from yours truly. It was the best to get more sense of the scale of Youngr’s potential and to hear some new tracks for the first time, aside from “Out Of My System”. A firm favourite of mine from the night was the first track you’ll hear in our new live footage above, which I’ll refer to as “1993”. From Dario’s (aka Youngr’s) previous incarnations in pop, I swiftly caught onto the fact that he’s insanely on-point when it comes to knocking up a melody as infectious as the common man cold and much to my extreme guilty pleasure the set at Coalition was happily rife with it.

Usher all those thoughts away of Youngr being a one trick pony. Not for the first time, we have much delight in telling you he is top dollar mesmerising and a personably all round entertaining, performer.