When I first watched Youngr’s video for “Monsters“, I found myself wincing a bit, my main bugbear being, I was unsure about the use of animation in the clip. Then I reminded myself, that I should be connecting with the multi instrumentalists immensely fun and funky brand of pop. I set my initial reservations aside and my instinct to critique, and just connect with the song in the same way that I got my party on earlier this year during Youngr’s effervescent performance at The Great Escape.

Afterall, the song is a nostalgic look back (in my case) at going through school. It’s been so long since my school days maybe I forgot how draining it is sitting in a classroom bored out of my mind and not taking in a word of the tutor’s history lecture. When in truth the only thing that got me through the weekly lesson was that I got to skip out part the way for private music tutoring (I was in the high school band.)

On reflection, bringing fantasy monsters to animated life is the right way to go for this video. It’s eye-catching, vibrant and a slice of fun. It conveys the same exuberance and electrifying energy felt at a Youngr gig.

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