It’s true, what I like of Youngr’s music the best are his quirky penned lyrics and feel good tunes. Such as recent release “Drive.” While it may sound an obvious statement to make, I am making it because the multi-talent is also renowned for his bootleg and mashup reimagings. If I am being honest, these dancier based offerings haven’t held my attention in the same way. Although, I do think it is a good thing for Youngr to have two strings to his bow. Whichever style is your particular fancy. We can guarantee he’s got our backs when it comes to hitting the dance floor for some stress-busting dance action.

The latest EP titled “Obsession” comprises of four tracks which shine a bigger spotlight on his production skills. Youngr comments

“With “Obsession” I wanted to focus on the dance side of Youngr and that naturally made things a little darker. The lyrics are about how we all have our obsessions whether that is a lifestyle, a person or even social media.”

In my view, I guess I feel a little more disconnected from these kinds of tracks because we haven’t got the man himself behind the lyrics. This being said I still have that urge to dance my socks off all the same. I also am happy to hear a smidgeon of “Life In A Northern Town” by The Dream Academy (a favourite of teenage me) made it into the mix of the EP track “Heaven.”

Youngr’s latest EP may not have got me completely onside this time. The video which accompanies title track “Obsession” does ignite a lot more excite in me. It shows the maestro multi-instrumentalist doing what he does best, live performance and his charismatic blend of engaging showmanship. However, the clip is in no way a boring one-shot capture of the musician, skillfully working his magic on the layout of instruments surrounding him. It is decked in bright, eye-catching, fluoro neon coloured effects and Youngr is given a stringed-puppet makeover. ”

The idea behind this video is that we are all powerless to our obsessions. There’s one world that looks all normal, glossy and calm, but underneath the surface, we’re all under a spell, tied up like puppets feeding/pandering/nurturing our obsessions,”

says Youngr.

There you have it, ladies and gentlemen, the man himself has told us the deeper meaning behind this track. If the rhythm of the track hasn’t already got your body twitching some moves, your brain might be sparked into thinking about your obsessions and why it is they make you feel good.

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