If you’re not aware of Leland already, you really should do your very best to invest some time learning about him. Why?, not least because he’s helped shape some of the brightest, emerging pop talents in recent times, Allie X, Troye Sivan, Martin Garrix, and the list of names continues growing. Lately, he’s worked closely with Betty Who on her recent pop stormer “Ignore Me“, and another of this year’s breakout artists, exciting newcomer Carlie Hanson. What he doesn’t know about penning, memorable pop songs, with authentic lyrics really, isn’t worth knowing.

Suffice to say we’ve been very interested in Leland for quite a while. By chance of luck, he was given the support slot, at the soldout Kim Petras gig last week at The Courtyard Theatre, London. We didn’t hesitate to switch our camera on early to capture some live footage of Leland in action as well. The slick set was certainly enjoyable and perfectly heated up the stage in readiness for Kim to make her entrance. Stepping out from his behind the scenes role as a renowned songwriter, he seemed so at ease front stage. We hope its the start of something, we will see him, do more.

Every once in a while he’s kept hold of a gem, releasing it, as his own, solo work. So let’s talk about the new track “Run Into You“, which has just been, unleashed. Given the clutch of amazing artists, he’s been working with, the signature style of melodic, electronic pop Leland calls his own, is not exactly surprising. It is nice he’s gaining some better recognition for his incredible mastery of pop songs, though. Especially, with songs which are personal to him with lyrics written from his own experiences in life. You really can’t give those away to anyone else, “Run Into You” is one such song which speaks about what it feels like to keep running into your ex, like everytime you go out. Ultimately, learning with time how not to have an internal melt-down and give no fucks when bumping into each other, anymore.

As break-up songs go the rules are some are moving, some are wallowing in melancholy but neither apply with this singer in this song. Where a strong sense of acceptance and a cool level-head have found the way to deal with one of life’s most awkward situations in the most sensible, way possible. If there is a definitive, kiss-off song to spring up this year Leland has eloquently, penned it with “Run Into You.”

You will find “Run Into You” featured on our newly updated “This Beat Is PoptronikSpotify playlist below along with lots more cool electronic-pop songs we have written about here on EQ Music Blog.

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