While it seems, a lot of young female singers have moved on from Lorde and now want to emulate Dua Lipa’s style. I was pleased to find up-and-coming teen pop starlet Carlie Hanson is intent on originality and is giving us something refreshing to get excited, about. After self-releasing three breakout tracks, “Why Did You Lie”, “Us” and “Only One” the seventeen-year-old from Wisconsin is rapidly on-the-ascent.

Blending catchy melodies, with a soundscape nodding towards indie electronic. Hanson’s versatile vocal and authentic style has undeniable pop inclinations which will grab your ears and is guaranteed to raise a few eyebrows. Nobody saw her coming, and now everybody is beginning to talk about the youngster, not least because Taylor Swift included Carlie on her “Favorite Songs” playlist on Apple Music. It’s just as well the new pop proposition has left her job at MacDonalds to concentrate on music full-time. And it heartening to know she’s not one of these brooding teenager types but is quite happy to wear pop on her sleeve.

You know things are about to get serious when she’s on the hot tip with her debut gigs as part of Neon Gold PopShop and has a gig lined up with Troye Sivan also on the bill. Because of all the attention (warranted) that the track “Only One” has been getting and to coincide with the heap of buzz she’s receiving Carlie has released her first ever music video. The clip features the future pop queen being driven in a truck down an open road, echoing recent life events when the singer left home, maybe?. The connection with the truck driver is that Carlie is haunting the young man’s subconscious as he drives. He can’t see her, but she can interact with him. Explaining what the freaky, deeky dancing scenes are about.

There’s hype growing around her but, above all else, Carlie’s undeniable natural talent and modernity could very well put her in the global spotlight, quicker than we might think.

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