If you are not already aware Leland is one of the co-songwriting forces behind one of this year’s biggest hit songs, “I’m So Tired” recorded by Lauv and Troye Sivan. While it is another smash hit among many which he has given away to another artist. We needn’t fret too much on his behalf when it comes to establishing his own solo artist career. Previous track releases “Mattress“, “Run Into You” and “Middle Of A Heartbreak” clearly indicate that he knows which of the songs he has penned that he should keep for himself. He has confirmed on Twitter there will be an EP coming out this summer. The new track “Another Lover” co-written with Troye Sivan and Allie X serves as an early peek from it.

There is a link between the songs Leland has released as his own. Not so surprisingly they are written from an authentic viewpoint as a reflection of his personal experiences in life and love. “Another Lover” is a song about being completely into someone with an absolute intensity where action speaks louder than words. When you’ve gone beyond the whispering I love you stage, and the fun, and frolicking, good-times set in.

Compared to other Leland releases, stylistically “Another Lover” is a stroke or so smoother, explores a sonically embellished soundscape. Generally, it rocks a mid-tempo groove. When all of those factors are knitted together, the combination adds power, to the heartfelt message the lyrics send. ‘Now run with it, let’s see what’s next. I don’t want to go out let’s fuck around.’ The singer, suggests, on what is his most vulnerable effort, yet.

Another Lover” by Leland falls under the classic pop banner. A mature track which exhibits his incredible talent for songwriting and further brings to light his soothing vocal, allure. It may feel like he has been plotting the steady approach, but after years helping other artists to secure chart placements. The next step, charting hits of his own feels, that bit closer to happening. Keep watching Leland his time is near.

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