Leland might not be an artist you’ll be familiar with by name. Although, you may have already come in contact with Leland’s work via his involvement with penning hits for a number of emerging artists including Troye Sivan, Allie X and Martin Garrix.

What you also might not be aware of though is that Leland has flown solo before. He has a couple of underground hits to his name, that stretch back to 2015. We picked up on one of them, “Full Time” (peep here to see what we had to say about it.)

Described as Leland’s breakout release. Confessionally formed pop ode “Mattress” is where the notable songwriter turned singer shifts the focus solely on himself. The bittersweet love anthem has a melodic electronic pop vibe not too dissimilar to that we’re accustomed to finding in Troye Sivan’s style. Whats cool is that it goes to affirm what a cohesive team Leland and Troye have found in working with one another.

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LelandOfficial
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Instagram: lelandofficial