Because of his work for other artists, such as Troye Sivan, Selena Gomez and Betty Who. We are already comfortably assured, Leland knows the art of stitching together catchy pop songs. In recent times, he’s dropped a couple of own releases “Mattress” and “Run Into You” which have definitely helped to raise his profile as an emerging solo artist. To tell the truth, having recently, opened with Kim Petras, and Allie X for Troye Sivan on the “Bloom” Tour has been the biggest opportunity, he has had to garner up new fans for himself. It’s time for Leland to take a cut from the tree and branch out. 2019 see’s the release of his debut EP, so it certainly seems as though we are going to be hearing lots more from him in the coming months. But first “Middle of a Heartbreak” is the track which leads us out of one year and into the next.

The style of the music can’t hide the fact Leland has worked closely with Troye. There is a notable familiarity within, the lyrics and the shaping of the songs melody which is built of, much of the same signature feels. Again, like “Mattress” and “Run Into You” before it. It’s a song about experiences in love, what happens when it doesn’t work out and how to best to pick yourself up again.

Leland comments…

“I wrote the song in only 45 minutes, it is about an impending separation, which I felt before it happened. I performed the song on Troye Sivan’s “Bloom Tour” and realised how the crowd could empathise with the song and helped them out. The song is about not showing feelings during a separation, but what you should do because it helps to get over it faster.” 

(via Universal Music de)

One thing is for certain Leland’s time in the shadows as the enigmatic songwriter is drawing to a close. In the new year, Leland the solo artist will claim his place under the spotlight, and I am so, ready!

Connect with Leland:
Twitter: @LelandOfficial